hello everybody,

I am saluting all the readers who have decided to visit me today and know more in my concern. Otherwise, I beg you to proceed and be on your guard and thoughtful because things do happens. This story is the reality that surfaced in a personís life within the planet. Itís all about the cycle of the will where by there must be heavy hills and slopes in order to progress to maturity and be well intentioned. I started seeing the grievances and the light of the day on the 13th OCT, 1995 at 7 Oíclock. It was an interval that I had signed to my creator to come and sternly persevere the temptations in the globe. Indeed, I became a normal baby who began feeding on his mother. Till two years that I reached a stage that can survive on food and my milk feeding came in to termination. Despite that I cleared my eyes with watery mucus as soon as I saw the world, the journey had been just. Not because I was still nothing to investigate and come in to understanding about the world but was all about that I was still visually upright. This is what I will remember as something interesting from my creation to birth and to the time I resigned from seeing the evil of the world. I just thank all the submissive females around the globe for the kind hearts they have towards babies and any other vulnerable groups. Thanks for baby seating me that readymade me to reach manhood stage. I know that itís an easy task to raise a baby. There temptations like heavy evil attacks in the name of sicknesses and in other ways. All I was told about me was a certain attack that almost marked my forty days in the jungle. It was an attack from malaria when I was a year and two months. I went together with my mam to the garden and she left me under a tree as she began her work. Great to her to work at the moment was that I fell asleep that could deter me from crying and disturbing her. The fever exalted higher and a certain snake came and rested besides me very close as if it was laid by an intelligent human. Later on, am came in to her memory and decide to check at me and as immediately she saw the Satan, her conscience vanished and both of us including the serpent proceeded with our progress. Till evening that the serpent continued with its move to go and feed itself. As I have ben informed, it a narrow rescue whereby the luck came late around 9 Oíclock PM by a clique of people who had just ran away luckily from the LRA attacked who then came across us in the garden. It was likewise because the dad who could have followed use early was committed in his service as a soldier serving the country and he had spend a fortnight without visiting home. It was then that the group surrendered their lives and carried me who had missed Brest feeding for long hours and having much weaknesses and the same to the mother to a health centre. Not considering the fifteen kilometres distance at the late hours and the rebels who had cluttered the areas within, they created a new route at the time through the bush using the four directions which led us to the hospital safely. Indeed that cared will never vanish from my memory and thanks be the author of life. Just a trial, more is still to come.